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“While building a robot can be a relatively straightforward task, creating a swarm of thousands of robots and making sure you can communicate with every single in a tenth of a second is a whole different ball game,” said Adam Green, wireless team leader at Ocado.

“We have worked closely with Cambridge Consultants to develop an innovative system that takes advantage of modern wireless communications principles but has secret ingredients that tailor it to our specific environment.

Since the protocol works in the license-free spectrum, we can also deploy it at a moment’s notice in any location around the world.” So far development work has taken three years and it is set to continue.

The protocol could potentially be used for other Internet of Things applications, from vehicle-to-vehicle connectivity for smart cars, through to air traffic control systems or large scale industrial systems.

After traveling from Algiers to Frankfurt then on to Canada it was a terrible way to end the day. Your employee has left a very bad taste in my mouth for Air Canada!

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