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But the 39-year-old admitted having sex and performing sex acts with her victims - knowing they were underage - for months at her home in Bletchley in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire.The 39-year-old's upcoming trial by jury was abandoned as she admitted 10 counts of sexual and physical abuse on seven boys aged under 16 years.A married mother has admitted having 'striptease sex' with a string of schoolboys.

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She is just a little girl who is attracting a lot of attention and unfortunately some of this attention is coming from strange people with huge personal problems, keen to throw dirt at anyone.'Married to Kristina's 34 year old father, retired Russian football star, Ruslan Pimenov, she is anxious to be seen as a responsible mother and to show that her daughter is a perfectly normal girl who happens to be stunningly beautiful with long honey blonde hair, piercing azure eyes and angelic facial features.

Her portfolio from a remarkable six year 'career' is simply astonishing, including Vogue and Armani, yet critics see a dark side with one commentator branding a photo of her in shorts as 'creepy' while a male user wrote worryingly: 'I like it'.

The operation was led by the state patrol’s Missing and Exploited Children Task Force, with 45 local, state and federal law enforcement officers and prosecutors participating.

Arbogast, Harris and Celis Hernandez were the first to be charged because they were arrested the first night, July 5, as authorities were still setting up the Tri-City operation.


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