Mysql slave state invalidating

This chapter explains different ways to optimize My SQL and provides examples.Remember, however, that there are always additional ways to make the system even faster, although they may require increasing effort to achieve. First, I want to thank everybody for attending the August 25 webinar.The recording and slides for the webinar are available here.Below is the list of your questions that I wasn’t able to answer during the webinar, with responses: Q: Hi Sveta.One question: How is it possible to get N previous events using the SHOW BINLOG EVENTS command? You cannot get the previous five events using and tail its output.Below is the master's server-id = 1 binlog-do-db = databasename relay-log = /var/lib/mysql/mysql-relay-bin relay-log-index = /var/lib/mysql/mysql-relay-bin.index log-error = /var/lib/mysql/master-info-file = /var/lib/mysql/relay-log-info-file = /var/lib/mysql/log-bin = /var/lib/mysql/mysql-bin server-id = 2 master-host=.111 master-connect-retry=60 master-user=slave_user master-password=slave_password replicate-do-db=databasename replicate-ignore-table=table1 replicate-ignore-table=table2 relay-log = /var/lib/mysql/mysql-relay-bin relay-log-index = /var/lib/mysql/mysql-relay-bin.index log-error = /var/lib/mysql/master-info-file = /var/lib/mysql/relay-log-info-file = /var/lib/mysql/log-bin = /var/lib/mysql/mysql-bin show slave status\G *************************** 1.

For example, the execution of a large row-by-row delete event is not immediately identifiable as the replication SQL thread state for most of its duration stays as "Reading event from the relay log".This change adds two new states to the replication slave SQL thread that are used to highlight the event that the SQL thread is executing and, for row-based events, to indicate how many rows have been applied.These will generally look like: Executing Delete_rows event at position 100 Handling record 50 of 100 for a Delete_rows event Additionally, the outermost state of a thread state is now saved and restored when inner states are set, so that the overall information of what the thread is doing is not lost.Regarding data consistency between the master and slave, you need to use row-based replication.Q: For semi-sync replication, what’s the master’s behavior when the master never received ACK from any of the slaves?Would changing these tables to Inno DB help the replicated database remain consistent? Switching to Inno DB might help, but it depends on what types of queries you use.


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