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Visa applicants (other than those from Embassies and International organizations) should submit their visa applications ONLY at the India Visa Application Centres at Brussels, Antwerpand Luxembourg (for visa application form and procedures please visit the website of India Visa Application Centre, Brussels at With effect from 25th July, 2011 a new online visa application form is required to be filled up by all visa applicants.Please visit the home page of India Visa Application Centre, Brussels ( and carefully go through “Important News & Notices” and “All about Visas”. You will then be redirected to the Electronic Visa application form after reviewing and agreeing to the terms and conditions of application. Please note: the validity of a visa begins on the day it is issued by the Embassy of India and not on the date of departure.We also offer summer employment opportunities for students.Volunteering part-time with the OPP is a great way to make a difference in your community.We offer competitive salaries, pensions, paid vacation, benefit coverage and room for advancement.We also have career opportunities for experienced officers. Civilians are non-uniform members who provide critical support to our organization.The British rulers were left with no option but to eventually accept the demand of the Muslims of India.

Under all circumstances for others, the carrying of such devices needs to be duly authorized by appropriate Indian authorities.Submit the form with photographs and a NOTE VERBALE from your organization, directly at the Embassy (for address and timings, please see under General Information).Please translate the Note Verbale in English if it is in any other language. those visiting India on private visits / tourism etc.) may complete the online visa application form from the website of India Visa Application Centre, Brussels at given in the preceding paragraph and, thereafter, submit their application at the India Visa Application Centre at 19, Avenue Emile De Mot, 8 Floor, 1000, Brussels. Visa Fee for various categories of visa are indicated below.They work in many areas including communications, administration, forensics, garage operations, transcription, evidence management, information technology, public relations and more.We have many exciting full-time and part-time careers for civilians.The use of these assessment strategies will be discussed in a range...


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