House needs updating how to price

Yoegel Here is a math problem you may see on the Real Estate License Exam.

Establishing how much a house should sell for is an interesting calculation that has many uses, primarily because it enables you to work backward from a percentage to a number. Your seller wants to net (take away from the closing table) 0,000 after paying your 6 percent commission.

You get a commission by taking it from the selling price, not adding onto the net to the owner figure.

If you did the same proof using the 2,766 and took 6 percent from that number, the owner gets the requested 0,000.

How much does the house have to sell for to do this? But by the time they do a few problems like the one that follows, nobody gets it wrong.

This problem actually has two answers, 2,000 and 2,766 (rounded), but one of the answers, 2,000, happens to be wrong. This proof may come in handy on an exam to check your answer.

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