Cover drive amanda and t ray dating

We love the song Twilight so we thought it was the best way to begin the new year.” While the innuendo-laden title of their first track was nothing more than a cheeky play on words – in Barbados to lick ya down actually means to give someone a right telling off – it put Cover Drive on the map in the UK.The group, who divide their time between Chiswick, west London, and Barbados, won’t lose touch with home after being backed publicly by the island’s most famous export since Mount Gay rum – 23-year-old Ri Ri.

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The food’s great, the people are nice, the beaches are golden. I got a crazy pair of Nikes the other day – the swoosh is Velcro, which you can customise. Physically speaking, I really don’t have a particular type. I’m thinking a hybrid of Pharrell meets meets Thor. They have also been selected to showcase at NACA 2014 with the hopes of gaining a coveted touring slot on the US college circuit. Do you believe in Splitting the bill on the first date? I’m a girl who likes to eat well, so I’m always happy to contribute. Amanda: People assume guys have it easy and don’t have to work up the courage to approach girls. I live with three guys so I know first hand that this is just not the case.We sat down with Cover Drive lead singer Amanda Reifer to get her dating tips. Amanda: He needs to be confident, funny, musical and someone who likes kids! Give us 1 do and 1 don’t do on a first date Amanda: Don’t try to rush past getting to know someone before advancing the relationship. It’s all about becoming friends, so the rule about waiting for him to make the next move does not apply.Most recently, Niall was spotted with Cover Drive singer Amanda Reifer, after meeting her at Cover Drive’s show on Monday!


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