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So there you have it, another scandal quelled while shedding more light on the WGM experience.I figured the production of WGM required participants to agree to not publicly date someone else in real life while filming, otherwise why cast only openly single entertainers.

The production backed Hong Jong Hyun as signing the oath ergo he could not be dating Nana and therefore violate his written oath while still doing WGM with Yura.Sometimes, it works out, and other times they break up and the entire show is ruined.Either way, you can relive the happy times by checking out some of your favorite TV couples who actually got together in real life. They are constantly seen together, which could just mean they are BFFs, or it could hint that their off-screen relationship is similar to their on-screen relationship, where Jonathan is obviously in love with Nancy.since their relationship was the definition of goals. Unfortunately, they broke up just before the show ended, but I tend to block that out of my memory. But you can imagine how annoyingly excited I get when I learn that those couples actually dated IRL. Most of them don’t last (unfortunately) but their on-screen romances are forever immortalized.But, did you know that they were not only the best couple in the show, but they were also together for real? As someone who loves to live vicariously through TV characters, I tend to get obsessed with their on and off-screen relationships. I know it can be easy to get swept up in fictional relationships, but there is something super satisfying when you learn that your favorite couple actually have real chemistry off-screen.It doesn’t require/demand/expect the pretend couple to fall in love for real, but it does preclude them from dating someone else during the filming and ruin the pretend marriage show facade.


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